First test sew. The Alexis hoodie.

There are days that Facebook consumes far too much of my time. I keep it around of course so that I can stay connected to my people. Specifically my cubs and the grands cubs. Some days there is far too much negative everywhere especially on social media. I make a point to stay positive and follow the people and groups that are dear to me. So I scroll about connecting to friends, family and a ton of sewing groups. I had been on FB and a post popped up for a tester call for the Sinclair pattern company. I had been submitting myself to other test calls for months. Any company, please pick me. I was starting to feel like I was back in 7th grade getting teamed up for dodge ball. The last to be picked. Being chosen last for dodge ball was obvious because I was usually the first one to get picked off, an easy point for the other team.

So up scrolls a test call for the Alexis hoodie. I clicked on that so fast and submitted my info. Then the wait for the email inviting me to the testing team. I was never so excited to be chosen to take a test. Of course in my true nature I was not prepared when the email came and my week was a bit packed so I sent my mom and son for the test supplies. They were off to JoAnns with the list. 2 yards of Black Scuba Knit. I knew they had it and it would make the shopping easy for them. With the pattern printed I started to tape it together. The big difference between a pattern you get via email to print and an envelope  tissue pattern is the taping of that pattern together. I actually did not mind this process at all. Remember I was excited to be picked for the team. I was going to do everything I could to stay in the game.

22528011_10212559239208961_1560507961308349392_n Game face



So you match up the dots. Tape and WHALA a pattern.

I cut that out and was off to the machines. I was in love with the ease of the pattern and the tutorial complete with pictures. Such an easy garment to put together. I may need to make 5 more one for each day of the week for our snowy Michigan winters.


Black Scuba Knit Version 1



Version 2 after Oxana made some changes to the pattern sizing.


What an joy to have been part of the test team and I made it till the end of the game. 😉

Thanks for the great pattern Oxana.


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